iT-Go can offer a variety of solutions requiring the use of email. These may include:

  • Hosted email for day-to-day use
  • Basic mail server for website purposes
  • Email-SMS gateway
  • Other email applications

Hosted Email
Whether you are looking for one or hundreds of mailboxes, iT-Go is able to offer help and advice as well as solutions. For ease of use, compatibility and simple set up, iT-Go recommends SimplyMailSolutions’ Hosted Exchange products.
Simply Mail Solutions
Exchange Basic
Hosted Exchange

If you are looking to set up email, please do not hesitate to get in touch using our contact form and we can assist in going through this process. The above links also provide further information regarding the mailboxes and their features.

Website Mail Server
There are a number of situations where the only requirement for emails is to handle outgoing email sent out when a visitor fills out an online web form, or perhaps also incoming emails to the web server to automate a process in some way to change or create online content (a website owner may, for example, have daily pricing displayed which requires frequent adjustment – this could be done by sending an email containing the latest pricing, which would be automatically updated on the website). iT-Go can help in setting up this type of system, or provide it as a service including domain registrations or transfers and DNS configuration. Furthermore, iT-Go can help ensure email authenticity measures are in place (SPF, DKIM) to avoid mail server blacklisting or spam classification.

Email-SMS gateway
Occasionally, SMS communications can be used together with email to provide a specific solution. Typical applications of this type include: user authentication or verification, remote control or automation such as alarm acknowledgements, automated notifications. iT-Go can assist in setting up such a gateway to meet your specific requirements.